Why Velsulin?

Why is Velsulin more effective than other products?

Velsulin uses calcium to deliver IGF-1. Calcium has an absorption rate of 93% and the amount of IGF-1 absorbed into the body can be both measured and proven as superior to any other transporting method.

Velsulin capsules are more effective because of a unique and patented third-party processing technique, which cuts the size of the protein molecules and allows greater absorption of the active agents. The cutting process is natural and does not use any synthetic or harmful chemicals.

This cutting process also brings about a great change in the composition of the red deer antler velvet. By converting high molecular weight proteins into low molecular weight proteins and polypeptides, the IGF-1 is greatly improved in terms of the body uptake rate. The protein profile assay study graph below using HPLC gel filtration chromatography shows our Potentiated Deer Velvet has shifted to the right indicating an increase in the quantity of extractable water-soluble (small sized) components in a sample relative to the standard processed Deer Velvet. Thus the Deer Velvet can have, even in small amounts, the enhanced medicinal effects of antIer velvet as described in traditional Chinese medicine.