Our Company

Deerco International Ltd

Deerco has exported premium sustainable red deer antler velvet products from New Zealand for nearly two decades.

When Deerco first began trading, the majority of the available raw deer antler velvet was being shipped in whole-form to Asia. The product was being processed and mixed with other additives with no science or laboratory reports that could verify the effectiveness of the product. The USA market had been totally neglected and there was virtually no awareness of the benefits which have been well-known in Asia for over 2000 years.

Deerco’s mission was to build awareness and create distribution in the USA market. Deerco secured a distribution deal with the Vitamin Shoppe chain and also private labelled their deer antler velvet under the brand Buckpower. This brand sold steadily until the NFL discovered the benefits of deer antler velvet and sales soared.

Deerco now retail product under the Velsulin brand. Our retailers constantly ask for an increased product range and have been busy developing new products for the market – watch this space.

Deerco is committed to bring you the highest quality product derived from sustainable, natural resources. All our products are tested to exacting standards by independent World Recognized Laboratories. Deerco labels document exactly what is in each bottle – no fillers or artificial ingredients and 100% pure New Zealand Red Deer Antler Velvet.